Review: HooToo TripMate Versatile Wireless N Travel Router

Quick review that we will update as we move on, as our initial reactions may be different from those further down the road.


This is a little travel router we picked up because the kids wanted to play Minecraft together on their iPad Minis.

I wanted something that would allow them to network together, and also share an internet connection. Before we left on the trip I was able to get the networking working, but was a little worried about the shared internet.

Needless to say, setup was a breeze and now, instead of going into each of their iPads and setting the wifi connection up at each new destination, I just connect to the HooToo with my laptop and setup one connection and done.

The other the added bonus with this device was that works power pack as well, offering the ability to recharge via USB cable.

Portable enough to bring it  on a hike today, and recharge my phone with it.

And I haven’t had a chance to even play around with the media server options on it yet…


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